Apple to offer credit to Samsung’s finance staff

Apple is set to offer its finance staff the ability to access Samsung’s financing service via its finance manager jobs platform.

The move comes as the company struggles with the global slowdown in the smartphone market and as it seeks to cut costs amid a downturn in the world’s second-largest economy.

The move will allow finance staff at the company to be able to access credit from Samsung, Apple’s largest rival, to their staff, according to a post on Apple’s official support site.

Apple has been struggling to improve its cash flow in recent months as its sales have fallen, as well as its market share.

The company will also be able offer a similar service to staff at Apple’s consumer and corporate banking departments.

Apple said in its blog post on Thursday that the move would allow staff to access loans at a lower rate than they currently do, with the amount of the interest rate going down.

Apple did not give details on how the service would work or what would be offered.

Apple is also in the process of revamping its support site to reflect the changes in its financial services business.

It has been undergoing a major overhaul of its support sites since January to make it more useful for its customers.